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    The Lewin Center
     P.O. Box 1151
     Bethel, Maine 04217

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     The Lewin Center.
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  Welcome to the Lewin Center

2015 Lewinian Symposium

The Lewin Center - committed to social change, action and research

was created in 2006 to:

  • further the legacy of Kurt Lewin pre-eminent social psychologist and founder of the field of group dynamics;
  • build on the almost 60 years of pioneering work of the NTL Institute ;
  • pursue activities in social change and social justice through action research and other research methodologies;
  • partner with universities and other research institutes throughout the United States and eventually world-wide;
  • collaborate with and develop scholar-practitioners in the social sciences to increase the application of the research to the social issues of today's world.

Our Vision
The Lewin Center is a place where people gather to engage in experiential learning, action research,social discourse, social change events and social justice issues on global, national and community levels for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for all.

Our Mission
  • Experiential and lifelong learning
  • Action and participatory research
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community building
  • Social justice
  • Social action/social change.

Our Values
  • To provide a mindful inquiring environment for groups of students, scholars, educators and practitioners in the broad field of social science, with focus on the applied behavioral science
  • To further the rich legacy of Kurt Lewin
  • To build on the decades of pioneering work of the NTL Institute

Through research, actions and publications of individuals, colleagues and groups, The Lewin Center shares the outcomes with others worldwide.